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Maxwell Merchant Services

Maxwell Paper is dedicated to the merchant services industry. Our mission is to provide the highest quality solutions while maintaining the highest value for our clients. Maxwell consistently offers outstanding customer service, an unwavering commitment to quality and a continuous investment into our technology, customers and communities. 


Maxwell supports a range of deployments from single terminals to complex large-scale rollouts of broad-based payment devices. Our high-volume, virtual assembly line for new merchant deployments, paired with monitored quality checkpoints ensures accuracy in asset tracking and speed for all orders. 

Merchant Support Solutions 

Maxwell offers merchant service support with a 4-hour on-site service guarantee across all Canadian provinces. With our full POS Management Program, Maxwell ships, installs, troubleshoots, and will replace any machine found to be defective. Maxwell facilities are able to deploy and ship equipment quickly and securely from all of our six Canadian locations.  Maxwell's equipment is 'Plug and Play', but should you require telephone support our Help Desk has knowledgeable agents that are available to you seven days a week. Maxwell Emergency Replacement Service can also securely exchange a defective terminal with an operational system in less than 24 hours. 

Help Desk- Customer Care Center

Our telephone service agents are technically trained to support and diagnose any of your equipment and will dispatch field services if required. Our multilingual agents are available to assist you 7 days a week with any issue or query you may have. 


Cabling Installation and Support 

Maxwell has certified Service Providers across Canada to support all cabling needs, including Ethernet, telephone and fibre optics. Our Service Providers will complete your installation with as little disruption to your business operations or aesthetics as possible. 

Customized Support 

Maxwell will consult with you to determine the appropriate devices, equipment, service plan, and scheduling to co-ordinate with your specific business hours and planned deployments. Detailed asset tracking and reporting is part of our commitment to secure and precise shipping. Maxwell offers secure real time customer access to online asset and service data, enabling your enterprise to quickly and easily create an accurate inventory. Maxwell guarantees a 4 hour on site response time in major centers to support your business. Courier response service to remote areas lessens the interruption to your business if any failures occur. 

Warehousing, Distribution and Inventory Management 

Maxwell has 6 shipping locations with over 200,000 square feet of logistical space across Canada. All orders are immediately shipped from the closest branch to have your terminals in place within 24 hours. Our unique unit tracking identifier system assures that all orders are correct and safely distributed. When your device reaches end-of-life Maxwell has a green Equipment Lifecycle Management process that will securely disassemble the device and recycle the materials in a way that is friendly to the environment. This also effectively destroys any merchant data that may be housed on the retired device. 

Field and Courier Swap Support 

Maxwell guarantees 4 hours on site response time in major centers to support your business. Courier response service to remote areas lessens the interruption to your business when failures occur. 

Installation and Training Support 

To support installations and training, direct help is available online, by phone or on-site. Simply choose the type of support that best suits the needs of your business. 

Equipment Recovery Program

Maxwell has a rigorous asset recovery process and will monitor shipping for a successful and secure delivery back to our facility. As an authorized OEM Repair Depot, Maxwell completes comprehensive testing and diagnostics to detect and often repair issues within devices, eliminating the need to replace terminals. Maxwell performs preventative maintenance and refurbishes devices when needed to prevent unnecessary waste.